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10 guidelines for one-die two-blow ( 1 die 2 blow) cold heading machine operation

10 guidelines for one-die two-blow / 1 die 2 blow cold heading machine operation

According to our experiences on FMT 1 die 2 blow cold header machine, below are 10 tips for operation:

1. check whether or not the bolts and nuts for equipment locked are unfastened;

2. check whether or not the transfer finger is straight and no put on;

3. take a look at the lubricating oil levelif want to fill-in;

4. Rotate the flywheel about twice by means of hand or jogging to look if it rotates easily.

5. check whether or not the pneumatic components are everyday.

6. day by day upkeep: each connecting joints and belt usually want regular preservation, lubricating oil have to be delivered to the joints, the belt ought to pay attention to whether there is loosed, clean the device surounding after daily shutdown, no oil stains at the ground, to keep away from personnel slipping.

7. when replacing tools, a brand new screw specification and twine for manufacturing, the system must be cleaned up, and no previous  samples or faulty merchandise should be left there, in order not to have an effect on the following batch manufacturing of merchandise, causing blending or defective phenomena.

8. accurate prevent position of the ram, cutter needs to be reset.

9. After 5 mins of continuous working, and everthing is ok, prevent the device to check whether the screws of the tooing are locked, continuous production can solely be performed after the product samples inspection by  product control department are certified.

10. continuous manufacturing for 5-10 minutes, check if the machine runs well before leaving, and then product self-inspection must be carried out every 15-20 minutes.


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