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  • FMT 1 die 2 blow cold header cold forming cold heading machine
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  • FMT 1 die 2 blow cold header cold forming cold heading machine

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Taiwan& China 1 DIE 2 BLOW (1D2B) SCREW cold header machine, cold forming and cold heading machine

To effectively use a One Die Two Blow (ODTB) machine, one must first understand how to work it. This machine has various names, such as a 1 die 2 blow (1D2B) cold heading machine, a 1 die 2 blow cold forming machine, and a one die two blow forging machine. The type of  machine use a single die and two blows (double strokes) to create a desired shape. To use, the die is inserted into the machine and the two blows are then applied to form the shape. With practice and understanding, the ODTB machine can be a powerful equipment for producing all kinds of screw, nail and bolt in the fastener manufacturing industry.

FMT One die two blow header machine specification:

  • This 1 die 2 blow cold header machine designed for screw  and bolt.

  • Cold Heading / Forming station: 1 die 2 blow

  • less transfer for the big head and short part;

  • Wire diameter from Φ5-Φ15mm;

  • Steppless variable speed;

  • Independent PKO on each punch;

  • Options: inverter, load monitor, sound enclosure.

1 die 2 blow cold forming machine

what is 1 die 2 blow header machine

1 die 2 blow cold heading machine is used for manufacturing screws in the field of fasteners. The advantages of these machines from China are stable product performance, high production speed, long machine life, and reasonable prices. The process of producing screws involves feeding and cutting metal wires through a machine structure, and then forming the shape of the screw head through a punch and lower mold installed on the machine.

How does a 1 die 2 blow cold heading machine work?

The high-speed one die two blow cold heading machine uses wire to process fasteners, such as screw,bolt and nail, including a machine bedframe, a feeding mechanism fixed on the machine bedframe for wire supply, a cutting mechanism for cutting wire, a transfer unit for transferring the cutoff to the die side, one die mounted with the bedframe and two punches on the moving ram with can move forward and backward continuously, a kick out unit on the die side for the part removing from the die after heading finish.

The wire is placed on the wire decoiler and straightened through the straightening unit. The feeding unit pushs the wire to the cutting mechanism, which cuts the wire according to the set length. The clamp transfers the cutoff to the die area. The first punch installed on the ram pushes the cutoff into the die for pre-forming. Through the sliding of the ram again, the second punch finally forms the pre formed parts in the die forreaching product requested, Finally, the ejection mechanism pushes the formed product out of the die. This completes the production circle of a product. After the high-speed operation of the forming cycle, the one die two blow cold heading machine realizes the high-speed production of screw,nails and bolts.

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