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How does a cold heading machine work?

A cold heading machine is designed to shape metal blanks into finished fastener parts (such as screws,bolts,nuts and rivet) at high rates of speed and efficiency. A sizable coil of wire is first loaded in front of the cold heading machine to start the heading process. he wire used in cold heading is typically in a condition called spherodized anneal.

Here is a general overview of how a cold heading machine works:

Feeding: The wire from the coil is fed into the machine, usually through a straightening mechanism that removes any curl or twists from the wire.

Cutting: The machine cuts the wire into individual blanks of the desired length. The cutting process is accomplished using a cutoff tool, which cleanly shears the wire at the desired length.

Forming: The blanks are then advanced to the forming area where a series of dies and punches shape the wire blanks into the desired form. The dies and punches transform the wire through a series of operations, such as extrusion, upsetting, and receding, which shape the material into the final part.

Heading: The cold heading process involves using high-pressure force to shape the metal blanks. The formed blanks are subjected to severe pressure between the dies and punches, causing deformation and shaping of the material to create the desired part.

Ejection: After the heading process, the finished parts are ejected from the machine. The ejected parts can then be collected, sorted, and further processed if necessary.

A typical cold heading machine operates at high speeds and can transform a wire into intricate-shaped parts with tight tolerances and repetitive accuracy. These machines are capable of producing a large volume of parts in a quick and economical manner.

Please take note that the information presented here only provides a general overview of how a cold heading machine works. it is recommended to send your part drawings for producting to FMT China and we will feedback you our best solution after studying by our experts in the field.

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