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China &Taiwan Cold header machine for screw,bolt,rivet nut:

China high speed cold header machine for screwbolts, rivets and balls is the perfect machine for your factory needs. Made from durable materials, it can handle a variety of cold heading operations. The cold header machine is equipped with an automatic forging system to produce screws,bolts, rivets, nuts and balls quickly and easily.
Check out our range of heading machines, automatic cold forging machines for sale at a factory price:bolt header machine,rivet header machine,ball header machine,screw header machine from mainland China and Taiwan.
Characterized by high-speed operation,  more parts can be produced in a short time. Plus, FMT reliable and efficient cold header machines offered at  factory prices, giving you  the best value for your investment.  China high speed cold header machines for screw,bolts,nut, rivets and balls are ideal for any manufacturer looking to improve production and efficiency.