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  • FMT wire uncoiler for screw bolt nut rivet nail making maker machine
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  • FMT wire uncoiler for screw bolt nut rivet nail making maker machine

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A FMT China wire uncoiler for a screw making machine is a device used to unwind and supply wire to the screw making machine continuously. It is designed to minimize wire tension and ensure smooth wire feed, increasing the efficiency of the screw making process.

Here are some key features and components commonly found in a FMT China wire uncoiler for a screw making machine:

1. Decoiler Stand: The uncoiler is mounted on a sturdy stand to support the wire coil and maintain stability during the unwinding process.

2. Coil Holder: This is a mechanism designed to securely hold the wire coil and allows for easy loading and unloading of the wire.

3. Tension Control System: To prevent wire breakage or tangling, a tension control system is incorporated. It ensures proper tension is maintained on the wire throughout the unwinding process.

4. Wire Guide: A wire guide is provided to ensure the wire is properly aligned and directed toward the screw making machine.

5. Motorized Drive System: A motorized drive system is used to rotate the wire coil and unwind the wire. It can be controlled manually or automatically, depending on the machine's requirements.

6. Adjustable Speed: The uncoiler is equipped with adjustable speed control to match the wire feed rate required by the screw making machine.

7. Safety Measures: Safety features such as emergency stop buttons, protective guards, and sensors are incorporated to ensure operator safety and prevent accidents during operation.

Overall, a wire uncoiler for a screw making machine plays a crucial role in the screw manufacturing process by providing a continuous supply of wire without disruptions or wire feed issues

wire decoiler for decoiling wire when screw making on the forming machine

  •  Different kinds of  wire decoilers in our factory, please let me know what kind you need.         

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