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  • FMT cutter quill knives for forming header machine
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  • FMT cutter quill knives for forming header machine

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A cutter quill for cold header machine is a component of a cold header machine used to cut or trim metal parts. The quill is a toolholder that holds a cutting tool, such as a knife or blade, which is used to trim excess metal material from the workpiece during the cold heading process. The quill is mounted on the machine and can be adjusted and positioned to achieve precise cutting and trimming of the metal parts. It is an essential part of the cold heading machine that helps ensure accurate and consistent production of cold-formed metal components.

Depending on the machine's specific manufacturer and model, the material of the header machine cutter quill may change. High-speed steel( HSS), carbide, or tungsten tool steel are typical materials used for cutter quills in header machines. These materials are frequently selected because of their tenacity, toughness, and resistance to header machines' high-speed cutting operations.

cutter quill knives for forming header machine

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