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  • FMT stainless steel wire heating element wire heater wire preheater
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  • FMT stainless steel wire heating element wire heater wire preheater

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stainless steel wire preheating element inlines with stainless steel screw forming header machine

An induction heater for stainless steel typically consists of an induction coil, power supply, and control unit. The stainless steel material heats up as a result of the high-frequency electromagnetic field that the induction coil produces. The control unit controls the power supply and temperature for precise heating control while providing the electrical energy required to create the electromagnetic field.

Stainless steel is a commonly used material that is often resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and high temperatures. Induction heating is particularly suitable for heating stainless steel due to its efficient and fast heating capabilities. The high-frequency electromagnetic field generated by the induction coil can penetrate the stainless steel material rapidly, resulting in quick and uniform heating.

Induction heaters for stainless steel can be used in various industrial applications, such as metal fabrication, heat treatment processes, and manufacturing of stainless steel products. They offer advantages like energy efficiency, precise temperature control, faster heating rates, and minimal heat loss to the surrounding environment.

Overall, an induction heater for stainless steel provides a reliable and efficient heating solution, contributing to improved productivity and quality in stainless steel processing.

wire decoiler for decoiling wire when screw making on the forming machine

  •  Power ≤ 8KW

  • Heating Wire ≤ Φ10mm

  • Power Supply: 380V 3PH.         

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