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  • FMT screw header punch and punch tooling fastener punches screw machine cold heading punches
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  • FMT screw header punch and punch tooling fastener punches screw machine cold heading punches

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screw header punch and punch tooling for screw maker and bolt maker cold forming from China

Cold header machine punch tools are typically used in the cold heading process to create shapes and forms in metal. These tools are used to cut, shape, or pierce metal stock in order to produce fasteners, such as screws.

The punch tools used in cold header machines are designed to withstand the high pressures and forces involved in the cold heading process. They are typically made from high-quality tool steel with hardened surfaces to ensure durability and longevity.

There are different types of punch tools used in cold header machines, including:

1. Header punches: These tools are used to form the head of the screw or fastener. Header punches come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the desired head shape.

2. Cutoff punches: These tools are used to cut the screw or fastener to the desired length. They have sharp edges that cleanly cut through the metal stock.

3. Forming punches: These tools are used to create specific shapes or features on the body of the screw or fastener. This can include threading, knurling, or other specialized forms.

The selection of punch tools depends on the specific requirements of the screw being produced. The size, shape, and complexity of the punch tool will vary based on the desired screw design.

It is important to properly maintain and clean punch tools to ensure their longevity and functionality. Regular inspection of the tools may be necessary to maintain their cutting and shaping capabilities.

A Cold forming machine punch also called A screw making machine punch,A screw making machine punch is a device used in manufacturing processes to create the threaded holes in screws. It is typically a sharp, pointed tool that is used to cut or "punch" the thread into the screw blank or stock material.

The punch is mounted on a screw making machine, which may be semi-automatic or fully automated. The screw blank is fed into the machine, and the punch is brought down with force to create the threads in the blank. This process is repeated for each blank, resulting in a completed screw.

Screw making machine punches are typically made from hardened steel or carbide, ensuring durability and longevity. They come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different screw sizes and thread designs.

The punch is a critical component in the production of screws, enabling mass production and ensuring precision and consistency in the threading process.

FMT China supply punch / blow tools for:Asahi Okuma, Asahi Sunac, Carlo Salvi, Hartford, Jern Yao, National, Nedschroef, Sacma, Saspi, Waterbury and many more.

screw header punch and punch tooling

  • Quick delivery time

  • Most of the punch are used on Chunzu machine, Jernyao machine, Sijin machine in automotive and fastener industry.

  • Also Used on National forming machines, Carlo Salvi header, Nedschroef forming machine, Nakashimada header, Sacma forming machine  in China plant and perfect performance result.

  • Please inform which brand machine in your plant when send a drawing for a quote.

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