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  • FMT carbide customized pins with requested coating for fastener heading and forming machine
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  • FMT carbide customized pins with requested coating for fastener heading and forming machine

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carbide customized pins with requested TICN/TIALN TIN coating for cold screw-bolt-rivet forming header machine

Carbide pins for heading machines are industrial tools used in the metalworking industry. Heading machines are used to shape and form metal parts by applying force to a workpiece. Carbide pins are typically inserted into the heading machine and come into direct contact with the workpiece during the forming process.

Carbide is a very hard and durable material, known for its high resistance to wear and heat. It is an ideal material for heading pins, as it can withstand the intense pressure and friction generated during metal forming. Carbide pins help to ensure accurate and precise shaping of the workpiece, as they provide a stable and consistent contact point.

The use of carbide pins in heading machines offers several advantages. Firstly, they have a long service life, reducing the frequency of replacements and increasing productivity. Secondly, carbide pins can provide a smooth and clean finish to the workpiece, avoiding the need for additional finishing processes. Lastly, carbide pins can withstand high temperatures without deformation, making them suitable for use in high-speed heading machines.

In summary, carbide pins for heading machines are essential tools for the metalworking industry. They play a critical role in shaping and forming metal parts accurately and efficiently.

carbide pins are  used in piercing pins for forming machine,such as Asahi Okuma, Asahi Sunac, Carlo Salvi, Hartford, Jern Yao, National, Nedschroef, Sacma, Saspi, Waterbury and more.

Piercing pins for forming machines are specialized tools used in metalworking processes. These pins are typically made of high-strength steel and have a sharp, pointed end. They are used to create holes or pierce through metal sheets or workpieces in a forming operation.

These pins are typically attached to the forming machine, where they are pushed or driven into the metal material during the forming process. The piercing action helps to create holes, notches, or other desired shapes in the metal.

Depending on the particular needs of the forming operation, piercing pins come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are frequently employed in sectors like general sheet metal fabrication, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing industries.

It's important to select the correct piercing pin size, shape, and material to ensure a clean and precise piercing operation without damaging the workpiece or causing excessive wear on the pin itself.

Punch with TICN/TIALN coating hard alloy TIN coating

carbide customized pins with requested TICN/TIALN coating
carbide customized pins with requested TIN coating

  • Quick delivery time

  • Most of the punch are used on Chunzu machine, Jernyao machine, Sijin machine in automotive and fastener industry.

  • Also Used on National forming machines, Carlo Salvi header, Nedschroef forming machine, Nakashimada header, Sacma forming machine  in China plant and perfect performance result.

  • Please inform which brand machine in your plant when send a drawing for a quote.

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