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  • FMT die and inserts for multi-station & progressive fastener heading and forming machine
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  • FMT die and inserts for multi-station & progressive fastener heading and forming machine

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Carbide die and inserts for multi-station & progressive machine for screw-bolt-nut-rivet from China manufacturer

What is a screw making die / forming die used in forging machine

The machine die is a specialized component that helps shape the metal blank into the desired screw shape. It typically consists of a cavity or impression that corresponds to the specific shape and dimensions of the screw being produced. When the metal blank is placed in the cold heading machine and subjected to the compression forces, the die helps deform the metal into the desired screw shape.

The screw cold header machine die is designed to withstand the high compressive forces and maintain its shape and durability over multiple production cycles. It is often made from hardened steel or other hardened materials to ensure longevity and accuracy in forming the screws.

By using different screw cold header machine dies, it is possible to produce a wide variety of screw types and sizes, making this tool essential in the screw manufacturing process.

Material of Screw making die / forging die:

The screw making die is typically made from a hard and durable material such as high-speed steel (HSS) or carbide. These materials have excellent wear resistance and can withstand the high forces and temperatures involved in the screw making process without deforming or breaking. The choice of material depends on factors such as the type of screw being produced, the desired precision, and the production volume.

die and inserts for multi-station & progressive machine

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  • Used in Sakamura,Hatebur,Asahi Okuma, Asahi Sunac, Carlo Salvi, Hartford, Jern Yao, National, Nedschroef, Sacma, Saspi, Waterbury forming machines in China plant and perfect performance result.

  • Please inform which brand machine in your plant when send a drawing for a quote.

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