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  • FMT fastener screw bolt nut rivet washer weighting and packing machine
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  • FMT fastener screw bolt nut rivet washer weighting and packing machine

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fastener screw bolt nut rivet washer weighting and packing machine

A screw weighting and packing machine is a type of industrial equipment used to accurately weigh and package fasteners, suach screws,bolts, nuts,rivet and nails. It is commonly used in manufacturing plants, hardware stores, and other industries where the products are produced or sold in large quantities.

The machine typically consists of a feed mechanism that carries the screws to a weighing station. At the weighing station, the screws are weighed using load cells or other weighing mechanisms. The weight information is then sent to a control system that adjusts the packaging process accordingly.

 After being weighed,the screws are typically sent to a packaging station, where they are automatically packaged in bags, cartons, or other types of packaging. The machine can be set up to handle a variety of screw sizes and types, and it typically has the option to change the number and weight of screws included in each package.

Some another optionas for a  screw weighing and packing machines also come with additional features like automatic counting, sorting, and labeling capabilities. These machines improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure accurate and consistent packaging of screws.

A FMT China screw weighting and packing machine provides a fast, precise, and automated solution for weighing and packaging screws, streamlining the production process and enhancing productivity in the screw manufacturing or retail industry.

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Machine features:

1. Good for manufacturers and distributors in hardware, fasteners, auto parts and other industries;

2. Applicable to the counting and bag packaging of various regular-shaped products such as screws, bolts, nuts, gaskets, stamping parts, pipe fittings, etc;

3. Suitable for a maximum of 10kg bags packing;

4. Use weighing and optical fiber complement to ensure accuracy;

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