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  • FMT Screw fastener hardware counting and packing machine
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  • FMT Screw fastener hardware counting and packing machine

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A screw counting and packing machine is a type of automated equipment that precisely counts and packs small hardware items like fasteners,screws, bolts, nuts, rivets and nails. When large quantities of fasteners or hardware products are required and effective packaging is required, it is frequently used in manufacturing and assembly processes.

A hopper or feeding system, which stores and disperses screws onto a counting mechanism, makes up the machine's basic design. The screws are precisely counted as they pass through the counting mechanism using sensors or other technology. The machine will start the packing process once the desired quantity has been reached.

The counted screws are typically loaded into containers, bags, or boxes during the packing process, which can vary depending on the particular machine. Additional features, like the ability to label or seal, may also be present on some machines.

Benefits of using a screw counting and packing machine include increased speed and accuracy compared to manual counting and packaging methods. They can also help reduce labor costs and minimize errors, resulting in improved overall efficiency.

A FMT China screw counting and packing machine can greatly streamline the process of counting and packaging screws, making it an essential tool for industries that heavily rely on such small hardware items.

screw carton box packer

fastener counter and packer

small hardware counting machine and bag packing machine

FMT China Machine features:

1. Good for manufacturers and distributors in hardware, fasteners, auto parts and other industries;

2. Applicable to the counting and bag packaging of various regular-shaped products such as screws, bolts, nuts, gaskets, stamping parts, pipe fittings, etc;

3. Suitable for a maximum of 10kg bags packing;

4. Use weighing and optical fiber complement to ensure accuracy;

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