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  • FMT automatic fastener screw sorting and packaging machine
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  • FMT automatic fastener screw sorting and packaging machine

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automatic fastener screw sorting and packaging machine

A screw sorting and packaging machine is a piece of industrial equipment that automates the process of sorting and packaging fasteners, such as screws,bolts,nuts,rivets, and nails.

Here's how a sorting and packing machine typically works:

1. Screw feeding: The machine uses a vibrating or rotating mechanism to feed screws from a bulk supply. These screws are usually in a random orientation and need to be properly aligned for further processing.

2. Sorting: The machine includes mechanisms such as rollers, conveyors, or vibratory bowls that separate screws based on their size, shape, or other predetermined criteria. This ensures that screws of different types or sizes are directed to the appropriate packaging area.

3. Orientation: Once sorted, the screws may need to be oriented in a specific direction for packaging. This can be achieved by using mechanisms like rotating wheels or air blowers, which adjust the orientation of the screws, ensuring they are all consistently positioned.

4. Counting and positioning: The machine then counts the screws and positions them appropriately for packaging. This can involve using sensors or cameras to accurately determine the quantity and position of each screw.

5. Packaging: The sorted and oriented screws are then fed into the packaging section of the machine. This can involve placing them into bags, boxes, or other containers based on the requirements of the production line. The machine may feature automatic weighing systems to ensure accurate package counts.

6. Sealing and labeling (optional): Once packaged, the machine seals the bags or boxes and applies labels or stickers if necessary. This can involve using heat-sealing technology, adhesive tapes, or other methods to secure the packages.

7. Discharge: Finally, the packaged screws are discharged from the machine, ready for transportation and distribution.

The level of automation and complexity can vary depending on the specific machine and requirements of the production line. Some machines may include additional features such as quality control checks, rejection systems for defective screws, or integration with other equipment in the production process.

automatic fastener sorter and packager

fastener sorter and packager

Technical features of automatic fastener sorting and bag packaging machine:

1. High speed+two vibrating discs + two hoppers + double slides

2. Accurate counting, optical fiber counting

3. Bipolar control, covering speed and packaging accuracy

4. Precise,stable and durable

5. Excellent human-computer communication, and easy for operation

Fastener sorter and packager parameters:

  • Size: 1000*1200*2000

  • Voltage: 220V power: 1.5kw

  • Weight: 100kg

  • Speed: 15-45 bags/min

  • Sealing methods: three side seal, four side seal and back seal

  • Packaging parts: screws, nuts, gaskets, hardware accessories, plastic parts, irregular small objects

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