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  • FMT optical sorting machine for fastener screw hardware
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  • FMT optical sorting machine for fastener screw hardware

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An optical sorting machine, also known as a color or image sorter, is a high-tech machinery used to automate the process of sorting materials or objects based on their color, size, shape, or other characteristics. It utilizes advanced optical sensors, cameras, and image processing algorithms to identify and separate items based on specific parameters. 

Optical sorting machines find applications in various industries such as food processing, recycling, mining, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and fastener,such as screws,bolts,nuts,rivets and nuts sorting. These machines can efficiently sort items at high speeds and with high accuracy, improving productivity and reducing human error in sorting operations.

We can provide a full range of optical sorting machine, please send your inquiry!

fastener optical sorter

automatic optical sorting machine

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