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What is a cold forming machine

What is a cold forming machines

Cold heading machine is a special fastener equipment, which is specially used for mass production of nuts, bolts and other fasteners.

Cold header is a unique machine in most cases used for mass manufacturing of screws, bolts and the rest of fasteners

cold formers heading machine

When was the first cold forming machine made?

The earliest cold heading machine in the world came from Germany. At that time, the motive of designing cold heading machine was typically to produce massive quantity of bullet shells in World War II

Cold heading process

(1)According to the metal plasticity deformation theory, a certain pressure is applied to the metal blank at room temperature to produce plastic deformation in the mold cavity and form according to the specified shape and size. 

(2)High quality metal materials with good “plasticity deformation”must be selected, such as rivet steel, and its chemical composition and mechanical properties have strict standards. 

(3)There are a lot of types and series of cold heading bolt and screws forming equipments. The machines have dependable  performance, perfect efficiency and good product quality. 

(4) The forming and upsetting force of the product is big, and the one-time investment of the equipment is very expensive. Therefore, the production specification below M24 is the most economical. 

(5)It has perfect surface quality and excessive dimensional accuracy. Because there is cold working hardening in the forming process, the deformation should not be too large in order to reduce cracking. 

(6)Cold heading process is applicable to products with large batch and various specifications, to reduce the cost.

The modern cold heading machine has been developed from the simple die (such as 1 die 1blow and 1 die 2 blow) to multi station (progressive) headers. The newer varieties in China are 3 die 6 blow, 4 die 8 blow, 4 multi-station, 5 multi-station, 6 multi-station, 7 multi-station cold heading machine

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