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The 21st Fastener Trade Show Suzhou

The 21st Fastener Trade Show Suzhou

The 21st Fastener Trade Show (Suzhou) was held in Suzhou City from October 27 to 29,2021 ,The fair will last for 3 days.


The 21st Fastener Trade Show Suzhou | Fastenermachinetool.com

Around 12000 visitors and 400 exhibitors are expected in this Suzhou fastener show in 2021.

The categories of exhibits details are:

  • Fasteners

Automotive fasteners,Bolts, studs, nuts, screws, washers, wood screws, self tapping screws, pins, rivets, retaining rings, assemblies and connecting pairs, welding nails,welding bolts and nuts, fasteners for chassis, cold heading parts for seats.

  • Fastener Equipments

    Fastener forming equipment: heading machine, cold extrusion forming machine, nail making machine.

    thread forming equipmentthread rolling machine, tapping machine.

    heat treatment equipment:industrial furnace, quenching and tempering line, high and medium frequency induction heating equipment, material annealing furnace.

    surface treatment equipment:phosphating line, oxidation line, galvanizing line, Dacromet production line.

    auxiliary equipment: grinder, slot milling machine, vibrating disk, marking machine.

    testing equipment and devices: hardness tester, material tension and compression testing machine, metal processing process monitoring system, automatic testing machine, coating detector, microscope, spectrum analyzer, torque meter, axial force meter, magnetic particle flaw detector, salt spray testing machine

    pre processing equipment: wire drawing machine

  • Fastener tooling

    bolt forming die: including cutting die, pre punching die, fine blanking die, trimming die, cold upsetting die, reducing die.

    nut forming die: die, punch, hole punch, hole die, forming concave die.

    thread forming tools: thread rolling wheel, thread rolling plate, tap.

  • Surface treatment

    surface treatment process: electroplating, blackening, heat treatment, hot dip galvanizing, phosphating, mechanical plating, Dacromet.

    auxiliary materials: brightener, cleaning agent, rust inhibitor and degreasing agent

  • Fastener raw materials

    Medium carbon steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel

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