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  • FMT China 1 die 2 blow screw bolt nut rivet nail making machine
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  • FMT China 1 die 2 blow screw bolt nut rivet nail making machine

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Taiwan & China 1 die 2 blow screw bolt rivet nail maker,screw manufacturing machine,screw producing machine,screw making machine 

This 1 Die 2 Blow Screw Making Machine is a specialized device used for simple products with small head deformation. For example: rivets, pins, countersunk screws, slotted screws and other fastening components of various shapes and sizes. It provides a reliable and efficient means of manufacturing screws, specialty parts, and other related items.

1 die 2 blow screw making machine specification:

  • This one die two blow screw making machine designed for screw ,rivet nail and bolt.

  • screw bolt rivet and nail manufacturing / producing / making machine: 1 die 2 blow

  • less transfer for the big head and short part;

  • Wire diameter from Φ5-Φ15mm;

  • Steppless variable speed;

  • Independent PKO on each punch;

  • Options: inverter, load monitor, sound enclosure.

1 die 2 blow screw maker

what is 1 die 2 blow (1D2B) screw making machine

This is a kind of cold forging machine, which is used to produce various kinds of screw,slotted screw,bolts through a sing die and two stroke upsetting. A 1 Die 2 Blow Screw Making Machine is a type of cold forging equipment used to make a range of screws,bolts in a single die with two-time upsetting. This machine is employed to produce a variety of fasteners in one efficient step.

10 tips for one-die two-blow ( 1 die 2 blow) screw making machine operation

1. Check whether the bolts and nuts for tools locked are loose;

2. Check whether the trnasfer finger is straight and no wear;

3. check the lubricating oil levelif need to fill-in;

4. Turn the flywheel about twice by hand or jogging to see if it rotates smoothly.

5. Check whether the pneumatic parts are normal.

6. Daily maintenance: each connecting joints and belt usually need regular maintenance, lubricating oil should be added to the joints, the belt should pay attention to whether there is loosed, clean the machine surounding after daily shutdown, no oil stains on the floor, to avoid personnel slipping.

7. When replacing tools, a new screw specification and wire for production, the machine should be cleaned up, and no previous  samples or defective products should be left there, so as not to affect the next batch production of products, causing mixing or defective phenomena.

8. Correct stop position of the ram, cutter needs to be reset.

9. After 5 minutes of continuous running, and everthing is ok, stop the machine to check whether the screws of the tooing are locked, Continuous production can only be carried out after the first samples inspection by the quality control department are qualified.

10. Continuous production for 5-10 minutes, everything is normal before leaving, and then self-test should be done every 15-20 minutes.

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