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  • FMT open die cold headers machine bolt opening die former machine
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  • FMT open die cold headers machine bolt opening die former machine

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open die cold headers for multi shoulders, double head, and special shape parts

What is an open die header machine:

An open-die heading machine, also known as a hot forging machine or a heading press, is a type of machine used in metalworking to shape and form metal parts. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of fasteners and other components that require a head, such as bolts, screws, and rivets.

The open-die heading machine operates by placing a heated metal billet between two dies. The upper die, also known as the header punch, applies a force to the billet, causing it to flow and take the shape of the die cavities. The lower die, known as the die block or die shoe, supports the billet and provides the desired shape for the head of the component.

Unlike closed-die forging, where the dies completely enclose the workpiece, open-die heading involves only partial shaping of the metal. This process results in a semi-finished part with the desired head shape. Further operations such as trimming, coining, or thread rolling may be required to achieve the final dimensions and features of the component.

Open-die heading machines can be operated manually or with the help of automation systems. They are typically capable of handling various sizes and shapes of metal billets, enabling the production of a wide range of headed components.

Overall, open-die heading machines are essential in the fastener industry and other manufacturing sectors that require the production of metal components with specific head shapes and features.

What is an open die machine used for:

An open die heading machine is used for the cold forging process. It is utilized in the manufacturing industry to shape metal blanks or workpieces by striking them with a hammer or ram. The machine operates by placing the workpiece between two flat dies, where the dies do not completely enclose the workpiece. The striking force applied by the ram deforms the metal to a desired shape, such as forming heads on bolts or producing various types of fasteners. This process is commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries for producing high-strength metal components.


Open Die header designed for special screw bolt solid parts with multi shoulders, double head, and special shape

open die cold headers

  • Open Die header  designed for for special screw bolt solid parts with multi shoulders, double head, and special shape.

  • Wire diameter from Φ1,5-Φ12mm;

  • Steppless variable speed;

  • Options:  load monitor, sound enclosure.

data sheet of open die cold headers
The manufacture reserves the right to change specifications, dimensions or descriptions without notice.
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