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  • FMT fastener screw bolt nut rivet washer bag packing machine
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  • FMT fastener screw bolt nut rivet washer bag packing machine

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what is a screw packing machine

A screw packing machine is a machine designed to automate the process of packaging screws,bolts,nuts,rivets and other hardware products. These machines are commonly used in manufacturing facilities and industries that produce a large volume of screws.

The screw packing machine typically consists of a feed system, where the screws are loaded into a hopper or vibrating tray. The screws are then conveyed or guided towards the packaging area using mechanical or pneumatic means.

Once in the packaging area, the machine can perform various operations such as counting the screws, separating them into predetermined quantities, and placing them into individual packages or containers. The packaging can be done using a variety of methods, including plastic bags, blister packs, cartons, or other types of packaging materials.

Some screw packing machines may also include additional features, such as labeling, sealing, or printing the packaging with product information or barcodes.

These machines offer several advantages over manual packaging, including increased efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. They can also help reduce labor costs and minimize the risk of errors or contamination during the packaging process.

How does a packing machine work?

Packing machines can be equipped with both weighing and optical methods to ensure accurate and efficient packaging.

Weighting Method:

1. Weighing systems are commonly used in packing machines to measure the weight of products and ensure proper portioning.

2. The machine is equipped with load cells or other weighing mechanisms that can accurately measure the weight of the product.

3. The weighing system is integrated with the packaging process, and product weight is continuously monitored.

4. The machine adjusts the packaging process based on the desired weight, ensuring each package contains the correct amount of product.

5. This method is particularly useful for packaging items such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other products where precise weight measurements are important.

Optical Method:

1. Optical methods utilize vision systems and cameras to inspect products before packaging.

2. The machine captures images of the products and performs image processing to identify various parameters such as size, shape, color, and defects.

3. The optical system compares the detected parameters with predefined criteria to determine whether a product meets the required specifications.

4. Based on the results, the machine can sort, reject, or adjust the packaging process accordingly.

5. This method is particularly useful for packaging items that require visual inspection, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food items with specific appearance requirements.

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FMT China Packing Machine features:

1. Good for manufacturers and distributors in hardware, fasteners, auto parts and other industries;

2. Applicable to the counting and bag packaging of various regular-shaped products such as screws, bolts, nuts, gaskets, stamping parts, pipe fittings, etc;

3. Suitable for a maximum of 10kg bags packing;

4. Use weighing and optical fiber complement to ensure accuracy;

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