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  • FMT Header transfer finger-clamp for forming header machine
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  • FMT Header transfer finger-clamp for forming header machine

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Cold heading machine transfer fingers, also known as transfer dies or finger slides, are components used in cold heading machines. Cold heading is a manufacturing process in which metal wire is formed into a desired shape or part through the application of pressure.

FMT China Transfer fingers are usually made of hardened steel and are used to transfer the metal wire from one station to another in a cold heading machine. They play a crucial role in maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of the cold heading process.

FMT China Transfer fingers are designed in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different wire sizes and part geometries. They are carefully aligned to ensure proper transfer of the wire from one operation to the next, while minimizing the risk of deformation or damage to the wire.

FMT China Transfer fingers are important components in cold heading machines that help to facilitate the smooth and precise production of metal parts through the cold heading process.

Hearder transfer finger for forming header machine

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  • Fingers Performance well on National machine, Sacma, Nakashimada, Sakamura,Asahi Okuma, Asahi Sunac, Carlo Salvi, Hartford, Jern Yao, Nedschroef, Saspi, Waterbury cold heading machine.

  • Please inform which brand machine in your plant when send a drawing for a quote.

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