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Carbide Die:

l  carbide cold forming dies

l  carbide header dies

l  carbide cold heading dies

l  carbide piercing dies

l  Tungsten Carbide Cold Forming Dies

l  Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies (Draw Dies)

l  Tungsten Carbide Extrusion Dies


Carbide Tooling

l  carbide-punches

l  Carbide cut-off knives

l  Carbide dies and punches

l  Annular Rings

l  Ball Studs

l  Bushings

l  Carbide Bushings Cases

l  Cut-off Knives

l  Die Assembles

l  Die Blocks

l  Drill Bushings

l  Feed Rolls

l  Fillers

l  Hex Wafers

l  Carbide Die Inserts

l  Mandrels

l  Nibs

l  Pins (Carbide)

l  Carbide Point Dies

l  Progressive Stamping Dies

l  Punch Cases

l  Carbide Punches

l  Quills

l  Serrations

l  Special Extrusions

l  Thread Roll Dies

l  Transfer Fingers

l  Trap Extrusions

l  Trilobes

l  carbide extrusion pins

l  Pilot Punches

l  Carbide Ejection Pins


Tungsten Carbide Punches and pins:

l  Cylindrical Carbide Punches

l  Carbide Ejector Punches

l  Carbide Forming Punches

l  Specialty Punches

l  Custom Carbide Punches

l  Collar Punches


Tungsten Carbide Bushing:

l  Head Press Fit Carbide Bushings

l  Carbide Direct Coolant Bushings

l  Carbide Gun Drill Inserts

l  Carbide Slip-Fixed Renewable Bushings

l  Oil Drill Bushings

l  Specialty Carbide Bushings


carbide threading dies:

l  Tungsten Carbide flat Dies

l  Tungsten Carbide rolling Dies