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Bolt screw and nut maker manufacturing machine supplier:

Mainland China and Taiwan fastener (screw bolt nut rivet nail) manufacturing machines:

            • screw manufacturing machine / screw making machine (1 die 2 blow screw maker,2 die 3 blow screw maker,2 die 4 blow screw maker,3 die 6 blow screw maker, progressive screw maker).
  • bolt manufacturing machine / bolt making machine (1 die 2 blow bolt maker,2 die 3 blow bolt maker,2 die 4 blow bolt bolt maker, multi-station bolt maker).
    • nut manufacturing machine / nut making machine (3 station nut maker,4 station nut maker,5 station nut maker,6 station nut maker,7 station nut maker).
  • rivet maker manufacturing machine / rivet making machine
  • wire decoiler